Mauricio Macri spoke at the Llao Llao Forum

Surrounded by the extraordinary landscape of Lake Nahuel Huapí, the fifth edition of the Llao Llao Forum took place, which annually brings together many of the most important businessmen of the country under the motto “Thinking tomorrow, today”.

The videoconference with President Mauricio Macri was highlighted, who answered questions from businessmen and urged them to commit themselves to the process of change proposed by the government.

Among the more than 70 attendees were Eduardo Elsztain (IRSA), Carlos Miguens (Miguens Group), Federico Braun (La Anonima), Cristiano Rattazzi (FCA Argentina), Marcos Galperin (Mercado Libre), Martin Migoya (Globant), Karina Roman ( Roman Organization), Miguel Gutiérrez (YPF), Sebastián (h) Bagó (Laboratorios Bagó) and Agustín Otero Monsegur (San Miguel). The scientific-academic sector was also represented with a CONICET researcher.

Among those invited to the panels were Trade Union Leader Gerardo Martinez (UOCRA), with whom in an open conversation shared with businessmen, the kick-off was established for a multisectoral dialogue; and the Minister of Social Development, Carolina Stanley, who spoke about directing responsibility in the fight against poverty.

The journalist Diego Cabot also participated, who related the details of the so-called “cause of the notebooks”. There was a broad consensus among the participants about the need for that cause to advance against all resistance and to expose the plot of corruption.

Likewise, the businessmen present at the Forum expressed themselves in the sense that the episode should not encompass business in general and that justice should act on those involved.

As every year, the main debate revolved around the role of entrepreneurship in present and future Argentina, focusing on the idea of ​​respect for the law and the improvement of the rule of law.

The Llao Llao Forum has become one of the most anticipated meetings of the business sector where experiences are exchanged, various aspects of the country’s life are reflected and initiatives are launched in different fields.

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