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City leaders met with Gov. Reynolds after the city requested assistance to address violent crime

Davenport, IA – According to the city officials, the ultimate goal is to reduce violent crime in the city after the city reached an all-time high of gunfire incidents and non-fatal shootings in 2020.

The city leaders announced the creation of a Violent Crime Community Task Force, which includes city and police leaders, Davenport Schools, and other local groups working to identify community-based solutions to violence.

Gov. Reynolds said it was a really good meeting.

She said:

“Whether it’s technology, whether it’s more troopers on the ground, there’s a lot of different things that we’re working on.

That we can actually just help supplement their team to address some of the uptick that they’re seeing.

It’s a great partnership, it’s a great collaboration, and I will look forward to hopefully seeing some good results from it.”

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