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Johnson County’s F.W. Kent Park is undergoing several enhancements to its campground to improve water quality

Johnson County, IOWA – Officials have announced that with Johnson County’s $3.4 million ARPA investment, the Conservation Department will replace the campground shower house and restroom facility.

The department will also construct a new wastewater system for the shower house and dump station; and dig a new well to provide potable water to the campground.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will not only help to improve water quality in Kent Park Lake, but will allow more individuals to enjoy the campground, park and recreational opportunities. 

Officials said that they are committed to utilizing ARPA to enhance investments in public services and maximize the impacts of our local fiscal recovery allocation.

The County’s ARPA Leadership Team has been working since February 2021 to research and discuss the many aspects of this funding.

More information here.

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