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The City of Muscatine will be suspending the first-year registration fee for neutered dogs and cats from March 19 through April 30 to promote pet registration within the city

Muscatine, IOWA – According to the city officials, the offer does not apply to non-neutered pets.

City officials have announced that all dogs and cats six six months of age or older are required to be registered with the City of Muscatine.

A pet license runs concurrently with the pet’s rabies vaccination. The pet license is required to be renewed annually with each yearly rabies vaccination.

Ladies and gentlemen, if your pet has received a two or three year vaccination, you must renew your pet license annually or pay the multiple years of license fees at the time of registration.

Owners must provide a certificate from a licensed veterinarian certifying that the dog or cat has received a rabies inoculation and the date that the inoculation occurred. 

The annual cost of registration for a neutered pet is $5.00 but the annual fee is reduced to $3.00 for pet owners 65 and older. The fee for non-neutered pets is $25.00 per year with the annual fee reduced to $15.00 per year for pet owners 65 and older. 

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