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A local resident is behind bars after he threatened a victim with a weapon and sexually abused the victim

Davenport, IA – His name is Adrian Castillo, 39-year-old, of Davenport. He was booked at 1:43 p.m. Wednesday into Scott County Jail, where he was being held without bond until he appears before a judge Thursday in court.

Adrian Castillo faces second-degree kidnapping and second-degree sex abuse charges.

Davenport Police Department officers responded to the 2200 block of Pacific Street to a report of a kidnapping and sexual assault, around 7 a.m. Saturday.

Police determined Castillo committed kidnapping by “removing the victim from one place, without the consent or authority of the victim” and by displaying a dangerous weapon in a threatening manner with the intent to commit a sexual act.

The investigators also determined Castillo sexually abused the victim “while displaying a weapon in a threatening manner.”

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