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A North Carolina woman has been found buried within the concrete of the basement of her home, nearly two months after she was first reported missing

Human remains were found in the concrete of the home’s basement. The victim was first reported missing nearly two months ago. Investigators searched her home and found it to be secured. They’ve noticed that her vehicle was missing.

Investigators found her vehicle abandoned elsewhere in the state with the car keys hidden underneath the driver’s seat. The finding then prompted a search warrant for her home, where investigators found human remains in the concrete of the home’s basement.

An autopsy was then performed on the body found, and through dental records. It was determined that the remains belonged to the 70-year-old victim, Lynn Gay Keene. Her death has since been ruled a homicide.

Police then began to search for a woman who had been hired as Keene’s live-in caretaker, in the belief that she may have been involved in her death.

Her name is Elizabeth Freeman and she was also wanted on charges of larceny of a motor vehicle, financial card theft and identity theft.

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