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COVID-19 vaccine could arrive in Quad Cities as early as next week, health officials say

DAVENPORT, Iowa – A COVID-19 vaccine could be available in both the Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities as early as a week, according to QCA health officials.

“We are asked to prepare for a possible vaccine to come to us within the next week, week and a half,” Nita Ludwig, Public Health Administrator for the Rock Island County Health Dept. said in Tuesday’s QC COVID-19 Coalition update.

“The state of Iowa has been told to expect its first allocation on or about the 13th and the counties will be receiving it after that date,” Ed Rivers, Director of Scoot County Health Dept., added.

Both counties are working together in preparation for the vaccine, along with community partners, including emergency management agencies and local health systems.

In accordance with federal guidelines, the first phase of dosages will be prioritized for frontline healthcare workers and those living and working in long-term care facilities. Essential workers follow in phase 1B.

“This means they would be next in line after the healthcare workers and long-term care workers and residents. We expect guidance to come out soon to tell us exactly who those essential workers are going to be and what order,” Ludwig said.

Muscatine County also has preparations underway for the arrival of the vaccine with a similar timeframe of Scott County. In a statement, the Director of Muscatine County Public Health, Christy Roby Williams, said: “We will be setting up points of dispensing in several communities and locations throughout our county to reduce barriers for accessing the vaccine. We want to make it as easy as possible to obtain for people seeking this preventative measure.”

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