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Davenport clothing store gives out over 1,000 toys at drive-by event

DAVENPORT, IOWA – A Davenport clothing store partnered with local businesses to make sure kids had a Christmas to remember.

D Jay’s Fashion hosted a drive-by toy give-away yesterday. They gave away over 1,000 toys to kids for christmas.

Cars wrapped around the blocks of 3rd and 4th streets in Davenport waiting for gifts.

Store owner Devin Jackson said it’s their way of helping out the community during a hard time.

“[There’s] a lot of people that are going without right now. Some are struggling with not having a job, or the wages to even supply Christmas for their kids,” Jackson said.

He said he knew it was important to pay it forward this year.

“I feel like it’s only right that we came together to step up and to fill that need in the community,” Jackson said.

Organizer Whitney Joyner, who also co-hosted a turkey give-away with Jackson in November, said it feels good to give back.

“It feels good. It’s priceless. You just don’t know how big of an impact you can have on the community until you see it for yourself,” Joyner said.

He knows that people need help during the pandemic.

“We’re getting through it, and we’re trying our best to help others. It’s just a crazy time right now so everyone does need help.”

Because of the huge turn out, Jackson and Joyner said they are already looking forward to hosting another give-away next year.

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