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Davenport’s “Santa mailman” sees busy holiday delivery season amid pandemic

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Each day from sun up to sundown, you’ll find mail carriers like Mark Johnson delivering truckloads of packages.

Johnson has been delivering for almost 27 years. With so many people ordering presents online this year, he says he’s been extremely busy.

“I’d say it’s almost triple the packages,” says Johnson. “Every time you go out and pull up, plenty of packages.”

Johnson has been working from six o’clock in the morning to eight-thirty at night seven days a week during what the United States Postal Service says is “a historic record of mail and package volume this holiday season.”

“When you come into work and you see all the packages and you have to go deliver them, you are working extra but it doesn’t really bother me at all. It’s my favorite time of year,” Johnson says.

That’s because he also works as a part-time Santa Claus on the side. Now he’s working hard undercover to get presents under the tree just in time for the holidays.

“When you walk up and give a package and you see the kids running around and they are excited, it just warms your heart up a bit,” he says.

What he really loves about his job is the people he meets along the way.

“I love meeting people. I love the excitement of people seeing you walk up with a parcel and them thanking you. It makes you feel appreciated,” Johnson says.

December 18 is the last day to send first-class packages through the postal service for delivery by Christmas Day. December 19 is the deadline for priority mail.

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