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Gov. Reynolds criticized new federal government recommendations about wearing masks to help slow the rapid spread of a coronavirus variant in the U.S.

Davenport, IA – As we all know by know, the CDC advised that people in areas with high and substantial virus transmission should wear masks in public indoor settings, including schools, to help prevent the spread.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research shows that even vaccinated people can be infected with the delta variant and although they may not get seriously ill they can spread COVID-19 to others.

Officials say that the new variant is more than two times as transmissible as the original strains circulating at the start of the pandemic.

Gov. Reynolds criticizing the new recommendations:

“The Biden Administration’s new COVID-19 guidance telling fully vaccinated Iowans to now wear masks is not only counterproductive to our vaccination efforts, but also not grounded in reality or common sense. As I have throughout this pandemic, I trust Iowans to do the right thing.”

Gov. Reynolds signed a law in May that prohibits local officials from requiring masks to be worn in schools or businesses.

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