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Local movie-goers head to theaters for the first time in months for WW84

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Carrie Kuesel said she and her family haven’t been to the theaters since the pandemic began, but she and her family decided to keep their Christmas movie-going experience alive.

“We kind of keep it small on Christmas day with our immediate family and going to see a holiday movie is a tradition,” she said.

For Wendy Williams, who shares initials with the titular Wonderwoman, she said going to the movies this Christmas is a much-needed tradition this year.

“Every Christmas we have a tradition of going to the movies every year so this is included in that and it feels wonderful to get back to a little bit of normalcy,” she said.

The movie-going still comes at a time where the CDC says going to indoor movie theaters is a high-risk activity. Experts said that one of the biggest reasons why is due to movie-goers not wearing masks appropriately while sitting for hours inside.

Despite the risk, Williams and Kuesel are confident in their safety.

“They sanitize with the seats so far apart, I’m not worried about the COVID thing at all,” Williams said.

“They do a nice job, I know it’s all six feet apart, the rows, we got our mask on and yup, we’re feeling pretty safe about it,” Kuesel said.

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