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The Iowa City School district is reporting nearly 1,000 students in quarantine as of Friday, April 9th, with 57 positive cases and 84 presumed positive cases

IOWA – According to the officials, the two schools with the most confirmed cases and students in quarantine are Northwest Junior High and City High School.

More than 41,000 people now fully vaccinated in Johnson County. But, unfortunately, the number of COVID cases among younger people has become a cause for concern.

In the last seven days, people ages 18-to-29 have accounted for the largest percentage of new positive cases in Iowa. Statewide, that age group accounts for 26% of new positive tests.

Iowa City schools follow CDC guidance, which requires students to quarantine if they’ve had close contact with a positive case, mask or not. That’s stricter than the state’s guidance, which only requires exposed students to quarantine if they were not wearing a mask.

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