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The University of Dubuque will redevelop 600 feet of street cutting through campus to create an open and flexible pedestrian-friendly space

Dubuque, IOWA – According to the statement, the Grace Street Redevelopment project is one of the final pieces of a campus master plan to connect the upper and lower portions of campus.

Officials have announced that the Grace Street Redevelopment project will transform Grace Street between McCormick and Algona streets.

The project includes the installation of pervious pavers and a series of pedestrian lighting.

The space in front of Charles C. Myers Library will be reconfigured into a 9,000-square-foot amphitheater plaza with tiered seating, tables, and chairs.

The redeveloped space will have the flexibility to host a variety of events such as lectures, small concerts, and even large events with tents such as those associated with Homecoming.

The Grace Street Redevelopment is the latest in a series of campus master plan projects after considerable growth of campus to the south.

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