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Two fishermen found human remains near a pond north of DeWitt near 270th Avenue

Davenport, IA – According to the statement, the police officials would not identify the remains at a press conference, citing the ongoing investigation. The public identification of the remains would take one to two weeks.

The police officials are considering the remains a part of a missing persons case, but did not say where the missing person was from.

No arrests have been made in connection with the remains.

Authorities would not comment on the condition of the remains, or whether they were male or female. A large police presence surrounded the area where the remains were found; 270th Avenue was closed to traffic in both directions, and a mobile command center was parked in the street.

Agencies investigating the scene include the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Clinton Police Department, and Davenport Police Department.

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