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Young dad dies protecting his 1-year-old baby from gunman at family restaurant

A young father was shot by a gunman while trying to protect his 1-year-old son as he ate dinner with his family at a family restaurant. Witnesses reported the gunman dancing on top of the guy and that he was smiling and laughing the whole time. The 21-year-old dad was enjoying dinner with his family at a restaurant when the suspect walked in waving a gun and randomly decided to shoot him, firing three shots.

The 21-year-old dad from Colorado, Dustin Wakefield, who was on vacation in Florida. Police say stood up to protect his son who the suspect had pointed his gun at and was shot several times. The 22-year-old gunman, Tamarius Blair David Jr, of Georgia, reportedly told investigators he shot Wakefield on Tuesday night because he “was high on mushrooms, which made him feel empowered.”

Wakefield’s uncle Mike said:

“This guy came in with a gun, waving it, saying it’s time to die. He pointed the gun at his son and Dustin said, ‘He’s only a boy.”

“Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground.”

He described his nephew, who worked in construction as “the kindest kid,” adding: “He loved his family. He loved being a dad.”

Mike also paid tribute to his nephew in a Facebook post saying: “Dustin saved his family and innocent bystanders by standing up in the face of evil. Dustin you are a bright light for everybody you touched you will definitely be missed. But never forgotten you are truly a hero.”

After killing the young dad the gunman raced from the restaurant and was found down an alley lying spread-eagle on his back and smiling as three officers approach with their guns and arrested him. A GoFundMe has been set up to help Wakefield’s family.

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