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A message from an unvaccinated ‘fit and healthy’ father revealed how desperate he was to get the Covid vaccine before both his lungs collapsed and he died in the hospital

The 45-year-old dad was in excellent health before he was struck down with the Corona virus and rushed to hospital. The man reportedly sent a text message to his ex-partner saying he was getting vaccinated as soon as possible less than two weeks before he died from Covid. According to reports, the man hadn’t taken the vaccine as a result of reading lies about the vaccines on social media.

The 45-year-old man from UK, Stephen Doyle, was healthy and fit before he contracted the Corona virus and rushed to hospital on December 22. Doyle didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine as a result of reading lies about the jabs on social media. He died just 12 days later on January 3, according to reports.

Doyle’s cousin, Michelle Pierce, a nurse at the local hospital, reportedly said:

“He was against the vaccination before he went in. He was influenced by all the talk on social media. 

When Stephen was in hospital he texted his former partner Nichola and said, “I’m getting the jabs as soon as I can”. He said he never wanted to go through this again.

He was a funny guy. He liked to make people laugh and was always up for laugh. He loved spending time with his kids and making them all happy. Sadly, he never got the chance to get vaccinated. It was too late for him. He had no underlying health conditions. He was fit and healthy.”

The 45-year-old man had already been in hospital because of Covid but was discharged with antibiotics in mid-December.

Doyle’s ex-partner and the mother of his three children, Nicola, reportedly found him unwell on December 22 and called an ambulance.

The 45-year-old man was taken to a hospital with breathing difficulties and very low oxygen levels in his blood.

He was then moved to the hospital’s intensive therapy unit and was put on a ventilator on Christmas Day.

According to reports, doctors said he developed bilateral pneumothorax, meaning both his lungs had collapsed and they had to insert four drains into his chest to help him breathe.

Doyle’s cousin, Michelle Pierce, also said:

“On January 3, the doctors told us there was nothing they could do, so the decision was taken to withdraw the treatment.”

His family is now urging for people to take the vaccine to protect themselves against the virus.

“People need to know this is happening to healthy people.If we can save one person by making them get their vaccinations, it’s worth telling our story.” Michelle Pierce added.

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