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Hero Amazon delivery driver saves customer’s teen daughter from rampaging pit bull

An Amazon delivery driver went above and beyond her call of duty to save a customer’s daughter from an aggressive pit bull. The 19-year-old girl was outside when she saw the pit bill roaming around. She called her over and began petting it as he seemed quite calm and friendly. But when her pet dog came outside things went sideways. 

Stephanie Lontz going about making holiday package deliveries in Nevada when she heard 19-year-old Lauren Ray screaming. On closer inspection, she found that the teenager was being attacked by the muscular dog. 

The pit bill became antagonized by the presence of another animal and began its assault on them, according to reports.

Without a moment of hesitation, Lontz stepped in between the dog and the teenager allowing her to pick up the pet and run away from it. Meanwhile, Lontz continued shooing the agitated dog and constantly prevented it from entering the porchway of the girl’s home. 

Her heroic rescue of the girl and her pet was captured on the door cam footage. In the clip, Lontz can be heard yelling “Bad dog!” at the animal. When the 19-year-old’s father found out about the dramatic efforts of the delivery driver, he made it a point to thank her for her courage and selflessness, according to reports.

When asked about the heated moment, Lontz shared, “The screams made me think of my own child. I would only hope someone would jump in and help her if she was in a similar situation. I wouldn’t even think its motherly, it’s just- it’s the human thing to do.” Ray also met with Lontz and thanked her for saving her and her pet from the pit bull.

“I didn’t have enough time to say thank you. I was just shaken up … but no I’m so glad I got to see you again and it means a lot to me,” said the teenager according to reports. “I wish it was different, you know I wish more people would act and I’m just glad I was here to do it,” responded Lontz. 

She went on to explain how being an Amazon driver wasn’t as simple as just dropping off packages as there’s a lot that happens every day. “Two days prior I had been bit by a dog, two days before that I had saved a baby that wasn’t even two-years-old yet- locked in a house,” Lontz recalled.

“I mean, we really go through a lot, and we’re there when other people aren’t, and sometimes it’s not even recognized. I have a coworker who put out a fire the other day; it’s just- we’re really there when sometimes nobody’s there,” she continued. When her co-workers became aware of her bravery, they banded together with the local courier company, 702 Logistics, to surprise Lontz.

According to reports, they gave her family four tickets to the Enchanted Christmas. An Amazon representative also lauded her efforts saying, “We saw that video, and honestly that was something that I’ve never seen before. And just appreciate your service to Amazon and really to your community.”

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