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Intoxicated mom leaves her 9-month-old baby with strangers she met just at a bar

Customers at a bar and grill were left baffled after they witnessed a mother allegedly leaving her baby in the care of strangers she had only just met. But that wasn’t even the worst part, believe it or not. Authorities say the woman returned hours later completely wasted. Seeing the drunken state she was in, the people who had been watching the child refused to hand her the baby fearing that he may be harmed due to her recklessness.

Officers arrested the woman and charged her with public intoxication and for providing false information to law enforcement officers. Cops arrived at the Pirates Cove Bar and Grill in Alabama on Saturday, July 3, afternoon responding to reports of a drunken woman and concerns regarding the well-being of a baby. Police say Blakeman had arrived a the bar with her 9-month-old son and befriended some fellow patrons.

Eventually, she asked the patrons to watch her kid for a bit and left the place. “This is a first for me I have never actually seen a woman leave her nine-month-old child with somebody she had just met for any reason,” expressed LT. Trent Johnson. The 35-year-old Silverhill mother only returned three to four hours later in an intoxicated state to take collect her baby. The strangers who ended up waiting for hours to hand over the child were left worried because Blakeman clearly seemed to be under the influence and unfit to take care of a child alone.

Thus, the people who were entrusted with babysitting the child refused to give the baby girl to the mother and instead notified the police. It was reported that Blakeman became angry when the patrons would not give her baby back, which is interesting as she was the one who asked those strangers to care for her child in the first place without even considering whether it was the right move. Soon she became belligerent as she continued fighting to get her son back. That’s when someone called the police, who arrived at the scene minutes later.

Speaking about the child’s condition, Johnson said, “The physical well being of the child was ok, they did say that she had a dirty diaper and that her bottle was filled with dirty water as opposed to formula or something clean.” Not only did the mother irresponsibly place her child in the care of people she did not know, but she also seemed unaware that she was in no state to care for her child when she returned.

If this wasn’t enough Blakeman also gave a false name to the police while being booked. Thus, she was tacked with another offense: using a false identity to obstruct justice. She currently remains in custody without bond but her child is reportedly in a safer place.

Authorities revealed that the Department of Human Resources currently has custody of the baby. They added that the child has been placed under the care of officials with Baldwin County’s child protective services.

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