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Light some coffee on fire during your barbecue tonight and see what happens – The reason behind it will surprise you!

You won’t be bugged during your barbecue When the weather is nice, we collectively get out our barbecue for a fun night in the garden. But it’s not all fun and games when you’re outside in warm weather. Before you know it you’re surrounded by mosquitos, bees, flies, spiders and other insects. It can get so bad that it spoils your entire evening in the garden. Luckily, we’ve got a trick for that!

All you need is some coffee!


First, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, but don’t throw away the used grounds! Put the coffee grounds on a plate or in a bowl and place it in a spot in your garden that’s particularly infested by insects. Light the grounds on fire and you’ll see that the insects will leave you alone.

The smoldering coffee frightens off the little creatures. You can enjoy your fresh cup of coffee in peace, and when everyone comes by for the barbecue later in the day, your garden will still be bug-free!

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