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Missing 4-year-old found dead inside his toy chest after climbing inside in the night

The 4-year-old boy, who was found dead in his home after going missing, died of asphyxiation, authorities have confirmed. The young boy from Utah had disappeared and was reported as missing after being put to bed the night before.

Police and local volunteers embarked on a frantic search for him, but he was tragically found dead inside a small toy chest in his bedroom.

According to new reports, the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office have investigated the 4-year-old’s passing, and determined his official cause of death was “”positional asphyxiation.”

It was his grandmother who alerted the authorities after she woke up to find the boy gone from his bed. Police officers arrived and conducted a search of his home, but didn’t find him.

As such, a missing alert was issued, and the local community turned out in numbers to try and find him.

When a second check of his home was ordered, the boy’s body was found in a small toy chest within his bedroom. Family members were interviewed, and an investigation that included the medical examiner was conducted.

Sadly, it appears that the boy, Kache Wallis, climbed into the chest and then died of asphyxiation. His death has been ruled accidental.

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