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Mom allows her 8-month-old baby to eat dirt and sand to “build his immune system”

Every parent raises their kids differently and of course, they have the right to make important life decisions for their child until they reach a certain age. Although they want what’s best for their child, sometimes their practices can be very questionable. This mother, for example who has allowed her baby to eat dirt and sand to “build his immune system.” Alice Bender’s practices came to light when the young mother shared videos of her eight-month-old child, Fern, on TikTok. It showed her child chewing on things like rocks. 

The 22-year-old Arizona resident was apparently trying to make a statement against the medical industry by letting her child play in the dirt. She claimed that the existing medical industry has shifted “the public’s perspective” on germs and its effect on babies with their “billion-dollar campaigns.”

In one of her videos, Bender is heard saying, “I do not fear bacteria. In fact, I welcome it. I trust nature and my baby. It is not a coincidence babies have this instinct while they are breastfeeding.” The video has since gone viral after being viewed over 12 million times. 

Fern is being raised to be a Vegan according to her mother who says that every baby should be exposed to bacteria as long as they are being breastfed to build their immunity against germs. “Babies only have this instinct while they are breastfeeding for a reason.

Our milk is there to protect them while they build their immune system,” she noted. “Breast milk is incredible. Breast milk is the original medicine. It is far superior to any man-made medicine. Breast milk is alive and constantly changing to meet our babies’ current needs.”

Furthermore, Bender explained how she wouldn’t actually consider exposing her child to so much bacteria at once when he is no longer being breastfed, “because there would be nothing for him to fall back on if he were to get sick.” The young mother continued, “We should not be at a war with nature. We are nature. I’ve noticed Fern is incredibly healthy compared to other babies. He is the first chunky baby in our immediate family. People always compliment us on how healthy, calm, and alert he is when we’re in public.” 

Interestingly, Bender’s parenting style left the internet divided. Some who supported her decision wrote, “my baby, unfortunately, isn’t exclusively breastfed but I don’t shelter him from dirt and shopping carts either. Eight months and totally healthy.” Another shared, “This is how babies build their immune systems! Go mom!”

Of course, there were many who disagreed with the mother and shared their concerns with comments like, “Dirt won’t hurt, but letting them bite the belt from the grocery store? Nah…” Yet another user asked, “Are you not worried about parasites? What would you do to protect him from the possibility of getting them by eating dirt?”

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