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Mother of 2 killed, husband paralyzed after falling branch hits couple during evening hike

Family and friends are mourning the loss of a woman with a joyful personality after a tragic accident took her life and seriously injured her husband. The couple were hiking along the Morton Ravine Trail in Pennsylvania when a tree branch fell and struck the both of them. They were transported to the hospital, where she died from her injuries several hours later.

According to a GoFundMe, which has since raised over $200,000 for the family, Jared was left paralyzed.

“Kara’s boys are going to need a lot of love, care, and support without their wonderful mother there by their side anymore. And her husband who will be dealing with the loss of his wife but part of his body too.”

Kara, who owned her own bakery, was loved by many not just for her exceptional baked goods but also for her incredible personality.

“Some people have a special ability to project happiness onto others and Kara was one of those people,” Randy Baumann, a local radio show host who frequented Kara’s store, said.

Now those who were privileged enough to know her must find ways to keep her memory alive.

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