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NYPD officers arrange funeral for the twin babies found abandoned and dead in alleyway

Around 20 NYPD officers made sure to give a beautiful send off to the newborn twins found dead and discarded in an alley in Bronx. Officials say that the babies had been wrapped in brown paper and abandoned. Authorities are still looking for the person responsible.

On Saturday, around 20 NYPD officers traveled to the Eternity Funeral Service in The Bronx for a funeral they themselves had organized to honor the infants they had named Zeke and Zane.

The twins were placed in a shared white casket adorned with a bouquet of white flowers and a large blue bow.

Father John Aurilia of Immaculate Conception RC Church, who conducted the service, said: “Those beautiful children are back home where they belong — heaven.”

Six offers carried the casket to a white hearse, then saluted as it drove away to carry the twins to their final resting place.

Meanwhile, authorities are busy in the search for the twins’ mother. They’ve checked hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while there is a $12,000 reward for any information.

“We are going on follow up on every tip and hopefully we’d be able to find the mother of these children. Why would she do this? What kind of desperate situation was she in? Was she forced to do it? Was she alone? Whatever the situation, we are there to help her.” Lt. O’Toole said.

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