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“Our little girl is a COVID survivor”, Mother believes COVID-19 destroyed both of her daughter’s kidneys and claims the virus left the young girl in need of an organ transplant

Mother says that COVID-19 completely destroyed both of her daughter’s kidneys. She is now preparing to donate one of her own organs so she could give her young daughter another chance at life. The 9-year-old girl was rushed to the children’s hospital by ambulance on the same day she tested positive for COVID-19. The mother said that her daughter’s kidneys failed two days later. She believes that COVID-19 destroyed both of her daughter’s kidneys and made the severeness of her condition escalate.

The unfortunate mother, Amanda Conway, says that her daughter, Beth, lives with a condition called C3. According to the health officials, this means that her immune system would attack her kidneys whenever she had a cough or a cold.

The mom says that her daughter’s kidneys were not 100 per cent. But, she also said that there was at least 5-10 years before the family had to consider a transplant.

Unfortunately, everything changed when the 9-year-old girl became unwell last year. Her condition deteriorated and she was in and out of hospital, due to issues with her kidneys.

The 9-year-old girl was rushed to the Children’s Hospital by ambulance on February 7, the same day she tested positive for COVID-19.

The mother said that Beth’s kidneys failed two days later. She believes that COVID-19 destroyed both of her daughter’s kidneys and made the severeness of her condition escalate.

Amanda said that the doctors put a cannula in her daughter’s stomach and pumped her full of antibiotics and immune suppressants.

The mother also said that her 9-year-old daughter had now been out of hospital for just a few weeks. Unfortunately, Beth is reportedly hooked up to her dialysis machine for nine hours during the night, seven days a week.

The family also said that the little girl would stay on her dialysis machine until she had her kidney transplant, which was due to take place in 6 months with her mom being her donor.

Amanda Conway also said: “After she has a transplant, she should be back to normal, like a normal child. But what we don’t know is how the COVID-19 has affected her and how long that will take to recover from.”

Amanda and her husband Paul have created a GoFundMe Page to throw Beth an early birthday party ahead of the life-changing procedure.

“Hello, this is our daughter Beth; she caught COVID at school and it destroyed her kidneys; Beth is now on PD kidney dialysis with a transplant in 5-6 months. We have been in hospital for a month and counting, her 10th birthday will be in August and she will be having a transplant. So we are crowdfunding to raise funds to give her a fantastic birthday party when she is well enough & we eventually get out of the hospital.

Our little girl has been through so much and now has to adapt to being on dialysis seven days a week; she has never once complained or felt sorry for herself. Although, in fairness, she has been too poorly, so maybe that’s to come.

But, we want to show her how proud we are of her and give her the best birthday party she could have. Although no chocolate will be a tough one as her diet has changed and she was an absolute chocoholic.

Thank you to anyone who reads our story; it’s by no means over yet, but as long as we stay positive & don’t dwell on how awful our experience has been, we will get through this. Any kind donations towards making Beth’s birthday the best we could give her would be so appreciated & would make this awful life-changing experience worth all the tears and heartache.” the GoFundMe Page stated.

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