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Paralyzed woman, once told she would never walk again, walks down the aisle at her wedding

Each time this woman thought about her wedding day, she imagined herself walking down the aisle with her father beside her, just like her sisters did. But after a life-changing crash left her paralyzed, she was told that she may never be able to walk again ever in her life. Around five years ago, she was in an ATV crash that led to several months of hospitalization and a number of surgeries. Her son came out of the accident without any harm, but Brittney was left paralyzed with a long road to recovery ahead of her.

“A doctor told me that I was never going to walk again, and I didn’t want to believe that, and I did for a while and I had depression and anxiety but once I got over that, I just woke up one day and I just like started feeling some stuff in my legs and I knew that it wasn’t over,” the mother told WISH-TV. Brittney went through months of physical therapy for better mobility. Along with the physical struggles, she had to overcome the mental battles as well to regain her strength.

Her life further changed after her partner, Glen, proposed to her while she was in the hospital. As dreams of her wedding day started coming to fruition, she once again began imagining herself walking down the aisle even though the odds were against her. It meant she had to work extra hard, but finally, when the big day arrived, she walked towards her groom as friends and family proudly looked on.

“It was really important to me because I got to watch my sisters walk down the aisle with him, and I knew I wanted to do that, so I had to push myself even harder,” Brittney said.

With her husband and children rooting for her, Brittney is ready to continue moving forward and eagerly awaits all that the future holds for her. “I have my kids, I have my husband and I have my family and friends and they’re all in my corner so I’m pushing for them because they’re pushing for me,” the mother said.

Along with being told she would not be able to walk, Brittney was also told that she would never be able to have children again after the accident. But she overcame those odds as well and is currently four months pregnant.

Dreaming of healing even further, Brittney said, “I already have therapy line up for next week, so I’m getting out of this chair.”

Those around Brittney were inspired by how far she came since the accident and witnessed her resilience on her wedding day. “She leaves me speechless,” sad Brittney’s sister, Ashley Sieb. “So, I’ll just say – Brittney Bedwell inspires me to never give up,” Ashley wrote on Facebook. “To believe in miracles. To stay strong. To defy the odds. To love deeply and freely. Happy wedding day, baby sister. You are STUNNING and STRONG!”


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