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Sisters help US Marshals capture father’s murderer, their uncle

According to the police officials, these two sisters played a vital role in helping authorities capture their father’s murderer. After their father’s death, the entire family went out in the streets looking for him. “We weren’t going to sit down and rest peacefully until we knew he was found,” Sisali said. The 17-year-old was talking about her uncle, her father’s brother.

Authorities say that their father, Ricardo Salazar, was shot and killed on August 15 in Kansas. It’s believed the two brothers got into an argument after Salazar’s younger brother, Ricky, wanted to store stolen property at Ricardo’s home. Ricardo always wanted to help his brother, even though his daughters tried to convince him he was bad news.

“People did not like him, and it put my dad in danger and I told my dad. But my dad was such a big-hearted person he would tell me, ‘no Sisali, it’s OK, he’s going to change,’” Sisali said. But, unfortunately, he did not change.

After their father was killed, Sisali and her younger sister Versaili, turned their attention to finding their father’s killer.

They put up wanted posters and a tip to the US Marshals led to the arrest of someone suspected of hiding Ricky.

“We were on him every move he made. We were zoning in on him,” the girls’ mother and the victim’s ex-wife Cassie said.

It all led up to a high speed chase, a carjacking, and a crash. But on September 30, Ricky was finally captured.

“We won’t ever get our dad, we won’t get him back. We won’t have anybody to walk us down the aisle when we grow up. He won’t be there for our graduation or any of our stuff. I just want him to realize what he’s taken from us,” Sisali said.

Ricky was charged with second degree murder and domestic battery. He was also charged for the carjacking and for having a gun while on probation.

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