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White man caught on video repeatedly calling Black restaurant worker the N-word and threatened to hang her from a tree after he claims the employee called him ‘cracker’

Video captured the moment when an unidentified white man went on a racist rant against black employees at a fast food restaurant. Per reports, the white man man claimed the black restaurant worker called him a ‘cracker.’ When the restaurant manager asked the white man what he said to the restaurant employee, the man admits he called her the N-word.

The unidentified white man also threatened to beat the black employee, calling her the N-word and claiming he’s better than her because he’s white.

Before he leaves the fast food restaurant, he told the restaurant worker: “I’m white. That means I’m automatically better than you, b****.” This unfortunate incident occurred at Popeyes in Florida, the Daily Mail reports.

Video of the incident was shared on social media and it captures the moment the white man confronts the restaurant manager. He first claims the black employee called him a ‘cracker.’ 

The restaurant manager is heard asking the man: “And what did you call her?”

The white man responds: “I called her a n***** after she called me cracker.”

The unidentified white man then reportedly threatens to call the police on the black employee. But, he then hangs up his phone and told the restaurant worker: “All you n***** think this is f***ing acceptable. You f***ing n*****.”

The black restaurant employee can be heard saying: “He can’t call me that. He’s a cracker. F*** him.”

The female employee goes on to further insult the man as he keeps threatening to beat her. 

Both the white man and the black restaurant worker continue to insult each other as the man walks away. Before he leaves, he told the restaurant worker: “I’m white. That means I’m automatically better than you, b****.”

Popeyes released a statement and said they condemned the white man’s behavior and that the company has zero tolerance for ‘hateful aggression’ at its restaurants. 

According to Daily Mail, no police report was filed over the incident.

This story will be updated as new information become available. 

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